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World's Ugliest Dog®
Online Voting Gallery


This online voting gallery is just for fun and DOES NOT determine the winner of the World's Ugliest Dog ® Contest.

Voting stopped at noon on June 21. The top three winners are:

Squiggy 1548
Ellie Mae 1192
Creature 352



Princess Abby
Ring of Champions, World's Ugliest Dog ® Contest

Princess Abby is a rescue dog who saved her owner's life by coming into it at just the right time.
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Ring of Champions, World's Ugliest Dog ® Contest

Rascal the original 2002 World's Ugliest Dog and Ring of Champions Title holder.
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Icky is a rescue from Butte County who resides in his forever home in Davis Ca. At just 2 years old he has seen his share,and done his part..
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Squiggy is a 20 lb Chinese Crested/Japanese Chin mix.  His best features are his sky high mohawk and tongue that is always hanging out of his mouth
(no teeth on that side). He represents the east coast and is from Exeter, Rhode Island.

Ring of Champions, World's Ugliest Dog ® Contest

8 year old Mugly is a chinese crested and a rescue dog. Mugly has had hard times and was viciously attacked in a park by a group of thug
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Creature is a 14 year old Mexican Hairless mix. We adopted her from the Humane Society about 2 years ago. Creature is the most unusual looking dog we have ever met.
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Spam-o-Rama is a caricature of the school nerd with the confidence to ask out the head cheerleader. . . and get a date! He may be wearing a day-glo rain jacket and have ophthalmic ointment in both eyes, but he thinks he's a rock star


Sputnick loves everybody! Sputnick is a 2 year old Brussels Griffon. He loves cats, birds and people (adults and children). Sputnick is a therapy dog and goes to work at an outpatient drug rehab where he gives affection to clients.

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Ratdog is a 14-year-old deaf rescue mutt who eats onions, garlic and anchovies on his pizza.



Kaiya is a ten year old female pug, This is her 2nd time showing her mug! She looks like a cross between a seal and Jabba the Hut, Her neck rolls aren’t indicative of her gut!


Addie is a chihuahua that was found on the side of the road.  She has no bottom jaw, no teeth and a bald little tail.  She has an arched spine and spindly crooked legs.  She likes to sleep under the covers.  She is a little ugly but we love her!
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Can this really be a dog? Monkey is a 1 year old Chinese Crested / Brussels Griffon mix.
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Josie has been working on her "ugly" for another year and comes back to try  for WUD again. This four year old darling was  rescued from a puppy mill a couple years ago where she was being used to produce litters of equally ugly puppies.
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Grover is a 10 year old Chinese pug and this will be his fourth year entering the competition. Last year he had to beg off because he wasn't feeling well and his house mate, sister Kaiya took his place. He was sad because he missed out on showing off his new collar and leash. Click here for more


Watch out folks Rue is coming back! She is a year older and wiser and 5 pounds heavier. Her head has not grown but her body looks like a sausage, and her mullet.. Click here for more


Ellie Mae

A friend whose organization provides medical funds for shelter & foster dogs, forwarded me the bio & picture of this little boy who was needing a home quickly; he had been pulled just in time from an animal shelter by the Pepper Foundation.
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Ellie Mae

 Ellie Mae is an 8y/o Chinese Crested Hairless Dog.  She was given to me about 6 years ago when the family she was with had to move to Colorado. They felt that Colorado may be too cold for her.  I have been so thankful ever since!

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Gromit is a five year old Chug!!(1/2 Pug 1/2 Chihuahua). He loves food, watching T.V., and sunbathing his potbelly. He has a grumpy old man personality and is so ugly he is cute!


Boolah Isaboo Eleanor

Boolah is either half Chinese Crested or Mexican Hairless. The other half we are sure is Terrier Mix because that is what kind of cute dog was on the other side of the fence!
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 Isaboo is half wiener dog, and half BOOLAH! He got his name because the other puppies in his litter were called the boo-babies, and well, he is a boo too...
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Eleanor is a 1.5 year old "Hairless With Hair" Chinese Crested. We adopted her last Labor Day from the local C.C. rescue organization. Her breeder put her up for soon after birth and she went through one other owner and the animal shelter before she found us.
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Boolah Trixie Cyndi

Samson is a pure breed Apricot Toy Poodle. He loves fetching balls and eating his own poop. He loves to burrow under covers and lord it over our other dog, a Papillon named Delilah.


My name is Trixie and I am a 9 yr old pug from Penngrove, Ca. I came into my ‘ugly’ in recent years according to humans and other canines.

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My name is Trixie and I am a 9 yr old pug from Penngrove, Ca. I came into my ‘ugly’ in recent years according to humans and other canines.

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Reggie MonkeyMan Max

Reggie is quite a dog. He has a personality that's hard to put your finger on, and a face to match. What can we tell you?

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This is Monkey Man. She is 3 and this will be her second time at the World's Ugliest Dog (R) Contest. She's friendly and loves to spin in circles.


Max is half mini wiener dog and half BOOLAH!!! That's right, he is Isaboo's brother. His legs are shorter than Isaboo's, making him true wiener-ish. He has a flat-top that can be parted down the middle, mohawked, or it's true physical lay-old... old man toupee. Max will be joining his mother and brother at the contest so come on out and cheer them on.

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