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2017 World's Ugliest Dog ® - Voting Gallery

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Hello, my name is Himisaboo and I am 9 old. I am half dachshund and half Chinese Crested or Xoloitscuintle. I live in Payette, Idaho! When my people met each other, they were too enamored by each other to remember to have one of my parents fixed. That's how they acquired ME! When I was born, my doggie mama jumped off the bed with me still attached by the umbilical cord!!! I bounced on the floor for about 5 feet. Thank goodness my people mama jumped in to help before I was dragged up the stairs! This is my 4th time in the contest. My lack of hair on my body, and extra hair on my head are 100% natural. Before Donald Trump was running for anything, I was featured on national television for having Donald Trump's hair! Whether you LOVE The Donald, or LOATHE him, a vote for Himisaboo is a vote for a dog that looks like Donald Trump! That can be taken either way, but you have to admit, I am a dog who TRUMPS all others!
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