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2017 World's Ugliest Dog ® - Voting Gallery

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Meet Scamp! I call him a Rasta dog and I suspect he’s got some dna from Keith Richards too! Scamp was rescued at his last hour from a Los Angeles animal shelter. On the drive back to Santa Rosa, he bobbed his head to the music on the radio, his dreads flowing in the wind. No matter how many trips to the groomer, what hair that does grow naturally produces dreadlocks. No amount of hair conditioner can calm down his tresses! Scamp seemed destined for more than his life on the Compton’s mean streets! Like Bob Marley, Scamp embodies the song “One Love” in his job as a pet therapist. Scamp visits senior centers bringing his wagging tail and creating smiles from everyone. Scamp is also a “reading dog” by volunteering his time listening to first graders read stories to him. His favorite story is Go Dog Go! Thanks for voting for Scamp!
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