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I and my human parent make a great team. She is a disabled veteran and is in her 2nd term of Vice President of the Petaluma Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary. We have given a lot of time and help to this cause to assist veterans and family support. My mom and I have also read to children in our community as well as helped bag food at the senior center for the seniors there. We have helped in diabetic support as well. We have also volunteered time at a fireworks booth to raise money to send kids to camp. I may not win the ugliest dog title despite my funny walk due to a hip defect, or for my missing teeth in areas or my bad breath that could down an ox. But my and my human parents’ goal has been to volunteer and help not only in our community but in other places as well. I like walks on the beach at sunset or just a nearby park, treats, and pampering from my family. I help my mom know when her blood sugars are not right so she can do what is needed to correct them and get help if needed. We may not have super powers but we do our best to show the power of love and helping whenever and wherever possible. We have tons of SPIRIT between us and do what we can to help others. We talk to people about the importance of spay and nurturing and how important it is to help your fur babies lives be longer and happier. We are a team, and there is no “I” in team it’s a combined effort we take seriously and to heart. We have more spirit between us than can be measured and hopefully you will see that in us as well. Thank you for your time. Precious Kennedy and parent
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