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Jake was found on the streets of Phoenix, AZ on March 29, 2017. He was taken to Maricopa County Animal Care & Control as a stray. Even though he was put on several Facebook pages no one came for him. As the director of Southwest Hairless Rescue, I was contacted and asked to rescue him. Of course! Jake was a train wreck. He was labeled unhealthy but treatable. He had severe dental disease, crusty skin, knees inverted inward on both knees, luxating patella, hunch back and cryptorchid. He also has paraphimosis (where the penis won’t stay in the sheath). But just look at this little dog in the face and see all the love and sadness in his life. For the first few months that he has been with me, he has shown so much love and happiness. He loves to cuddle at night while watching television. And he does watch television. He barks at the television when something goes on. He is very obedient and knows his name. This is my second time entering World’s Ugliest Dog Contest but Jake’s first time.
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