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2017 World's Ugliest Dog ® - Voting Gallery

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(Voting is for entertainment only and doesn’t effect the outcome of the World’s Ugliest Dog Judging.)

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Ickys an approximately 8 year old rescue from Butte County. This is Ickys 6th of 7th time at The Big Show. Ickys notoriety and good looks have landed him Movie Roles, Cover photos for various magazines An international RayBan ad photo shoot in Hollywood. As well as helped raise over $10,000.00 for various Northern California HiV/Aids Charities. Lets Face it, Icky is too good looking to win. He is just here for the Funnel Cakes. Any and All Prize money one will be donated to 4 R Friends. A non-profit Northern California Free Mobil Vet Clinic.
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