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Farm Olympics At Home!

On Saturday, June 27, the Sonoma-Marin Fair honors Farmer’s Day with at-home Farm Olympics. Enjoy a farm-filled day with your family of Water Bucket Relay, Hobby Horse Racing, Egg Toss, and Piggy Round-Up.


You have to move water around on the farm for your animals and for other things. Take a 5 gallon bucket and punch holes in the bottom using a nail and hammer. Create a relay race! Each participant runs with a fill bucket for a set length, keeping as much water in the bucket as possible. The one with the fullest bucket wins!


Little cowboys can race against each other on “horses” they make from pool noodles. Curve over the pool noodle and secure with string. Glue on eyes, felt ears, and manes.


This is a great family activity. Participants get in pairs with a raw egg. One person passes the egg to the other, carefully so the egg doesn’t fall or break. Participants take a step back, then toss again. The last pair to keep the egg from breaking wins.


Blow up several pink balloons and place them on a grassy area. These are the pigs. Set a timer for 2 minutes. Participants use a small broom or toy rake to guide the pigs into a “pen” which can be an area marked with rope or a hula hoop. Give each participant their own “pen.” Whoever gets the most “pigs” in their “pen” in the time allotted, wins!

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