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Gertie is a 4lb female Chihuahua* type, approximately 12 years old. She now lives in Sebastopol, CA with her adopter Nancy Hair on a property with 9 other rescue dogs. She was rescued by Compassion without Borders (CWOB), a Santa Rosa based dog rescue, in December 2018 from the Fresno animal shelter, where she would very likely have been euthanized due to her age, breed, crazy bowed legs, lack of hair and unsightly old lady sun damaged skin.

Gertie was waitlisted to transfer to Muttville (a senior dog rescue in San Francisco). While waiting at CWOB, Gertie shared a kennel with a series of small, frightened male dogs. Gertie is friendly, absurdly self-confident for her size, age, and looks, and is great with almost all dogs of all sizes (she hates cats). She helped her CWOB roommates get over their fear of humans and those roommates, younger and cuter, all got adopted. Gertie didn’t. So, I took her home as a foster, to wait for the Muttville opening. When she got to my house, she immediately offered her services as a ‘comfort woman’ for my decrepit, smelly 19-year old Chihuahua, Tomas, who had never, to my knowledge, been in a relationship before. Gertie and Rimadyl got Tomas through the winter and have changed his life. Gertie was awarded tenure here for her service to others. This is Gertie’s first time going for Ugly Dog and she will generously donate all her winnings to CWOB for seeing her inner beauty.

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