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Himisaboo: (Song: Hail to the Chief)
My name is Himisaboo, aka #TrumpDog. I am proud to represent North East Oregon in this contest. My age is 13, but I’m very spry. Really just very spry! My parents were very good dogs. Really very good. My mother was a Chinese Crested Hairless mix and a very lickery lou. My father was from Germany. He was a red-headed Weiner dog. I’m proud to get from him my wit, intelligence, no-nonsense attitude, and my completely natural orange-red combover. You will find other ugly dogs in this contest. Let me assure you, they are great. Just really great! Huuuuuge hearts, and really very special. But do they Make Ugly Great Again? NO! Everyone agrees they are total disasters! LOSERS! Everyone agrees. Believe me! After being in the contest many times, I am the reigning People’s Choice Award Winner, and I hope to count on your daily voting skills to help me keep this office. My life goal is to meet President Trump and let him take me for a walk on the White House lawn. I’m sure he will be honored, because my humans are very proud Americans and they are really very good people. Just really great! They will bring baggies, so the Secret Service can concentrate on my protection. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @himisaboo because naturally…. I am good with social media. Truly, very good. Really great! Remember, whether you love or loathe our president, I AM A DOG with HAIR LIKE HIS! MUGA!!!

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