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Hello, thank you for the opportunity to compete in the Ugliest dog contest. My name is Lemmy. I am from sunny Grand Junction CO. I’m a western slope native. Although I have a face only a mother could love, I have a huge beautiful heart. I am my friend Shane’s support group on four paws. He and I are truly best buds! Shane was rescued by me when we met at the local shelter. It was love at first sight for us both. He is a Veteran and has some health issues related to his service. Some days Shane and I can be seen handing out sundries to the less fortunate at our local park. I get lots of positive attention and love from the people we meet. I try to provide some comfort, acceptance and humanity. I also meet less fortunate doggies with whom I provide fellowship and food. Occasionally we visit with veterans. It’s nice to provide moments of companionship to those who served. I have met some really, interesting people. Team Lemmy tries to live a life dedicated to kindness and compassion. Positive interactions are our constant aim. We love to spread positive vibrations to all. Should Team Lemmy wins the Ugly Dog contest, we would conduct ourselves like Jedi Knights. Striving to spread good energy throughout the Universe. We would remind people about the wonderful friends waiting to be adopted at local shelters.

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