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Meet Puka! She was found sitting at a bus stop in Los Angeles when she was 12 weeks old. She had a dapper bow tie around her neck and a big smile on her face. You might be wondering why her face is so unique… it’s because Puka was born with a cleft lip, which makes her look different than other dogs. Some people think her cleft is scary, but I think it makes Puka extra cute, like she is smiling all of the time. Her best friend is a tortoise named Rocket Larry and the three of us spend every day together. We love hanging out at the cafe, taking road trips, fostering pups in need, and taking pictures to post to Instagram @chilberg. This is Puka’s first time entering the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest.

Puka in the community:

When Puka came onto my life I knew I needed to get involved with the animal rescue community. I started volunteering for rescue organizations as a way to give back and to give other orphaned animals a positive experience. Volunteering was the only way I felt I could return the joy and love the universe brought me. It started with walking dogs at a local rescue organization, then advocating for animals on social media, to fostering pups in need. Since Puka came into my life, we’ve helped many shelter dogs and rescue organizations. Fostering is so important because when a dog is in a loving, stable environment all the best parts of that dog’s personality come out which ultimately helps them get adopted. As soon as a foster pup enters our home, Puka takes them under her wing, assuring them that they are safe and that the rest of their lives will be filled with love. Adopting Puka in 2011 was the best thing I ever did. From day one Puka had an incredible amount of love to share and her companionship inspired me to pay it forward.

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