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Hey friends, I’m Wild Thang, a 3-year old Pekingese from Los Angeles. This will be my second time entering in The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. When I was 10 weeks old, my family rescued a puppy named Amber who turned out to have distemper. Turns out Amber loved sharing, because she shared her distemper with me. After thousands of dollars in vet bills, I was luckily enough to survive. Sadly, my new buddy Amber wasn’t as lucky. I learned that distemper affects the musculature and nervous system, which is where my special features came from. My tongue has limited movement from slight paralysis in the jaw and one of my front legs paddles 24/7, even when I’m sleeping.
Other than that, I am totally healthy! I love to play, eat and socialize with people and friends. A typical day would include eat, drink, sleep, repeat. I also like to chase cats, let my fellow pekes know I am in charge, sitting in front of the fan on hot days and meeting new people.
My purpose in life is to help educate humans on how important it is to vaccinate their four-legged friends.

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