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“A very comprehensive photo editor and must be a one-stop shop for any photo editing need. I strongly recommend it because you don’t have to pay for anything to get great picture. Also sharing abilities are food. Great jobs guys keep up the great work!”

“This application has very nice design and great user interface. This application is really awesome; it personalizes my photo in unbelievable way. Thank you for your creativity and hard work!”

“I was so satisfied with the collection of free filters, but when I unconsciously visited the marketplace with in-app purchased filters, I was immediately decided to buy all of them. C’mon, they really deserve it!”

“Simply the best in the market, even better than Instagram with the great community where I can share and know people love my pieces of art”

“It is just so awesome! I’ve been looking for a photography application like this for a very long time. Great job! Keep moving forward to craft and publish more application like that. The only thing I don’t really like about this one is that it makes me addicted to take and share photo. Lol”

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