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  • Applicant must provide dog’s proof of vaccination (up-to-date rabies mandatory) 
  • Application must include dog’s photo 
  • Application must include biography for the World’s Ugliest Dog® Online Voting Gallery.
    • The Spirit Award is based on your dog’s community service efforts. Please describe how your dog helps others (2 legged and 4 legged) in their community. Include why you and your dog selected this way of giving back to the community, years that you have been doing this service, number of “others” served, etc. *A dog cannot win this award in 2 consecutive years.
    • In addition, please include the following in your dog’s BRIEF biography: Name, Age, Breed, Home town & State, how you acquired your dog, a few personality traits and how many years you have entered this contest.
  • Applications submitted after May 14, 2018 must include a $10 entry fee. All entries submitted before May 14th are FREE. Entry Form must be in our office by June 20th at 5 p.m. (Postmarks NOT accepted).

 Entry Form Release and Waiver

In consideration of my dog’s acceptance by the Sonoma-Marin Fair as an entrant in the World’s Ugliest Dog® Contest, it is agreed and understood that neither the State of California, the Fourth District Agricultural Association (Sonoma-Marin Fair), its officers, agents, and employees shall be held legally liable or responsible for any loss, injury, or damage which may occur or arise either to myself, my minor child, or my dog by reason of the negligence, misconduct, or conduct of any person or entity whosoever, or whatsoever. We promise to abide by the rules and regulations pertaining to the World’s Ugliest Dog® Contest. We hereby release all rights, title and interest in any photographs or video that may be taken by the management.


First place winner agrees to appear with their dog for all media events required immediately following contest*.

*Directly following the contest, the winners will be interviewed by various members of the media and professional photographs will be taken. The first-place winner will be required to fly to New York on Sunday, June 24th for an appearance on the NBC’s Today Show on Monday morning. Any interviews following the Today Show are at the discretion of the winner. All dogs must have a health certificate (dated within 10 days of flying) and appropriately sized carried. Dogs over 20 pounds are subject to special travel requirements. For more information, please check out American Airlines Checklist that details transporting your pet.


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