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Meatloaf is a 5 year old bulldog mix (possibly bulldog/bear/pig?) from Sacramento, CA.  When he was found by a friend, he was wandering alone and in rough shape. After looking for his previous owners for some time without any luck, he was lovingly accepted into our home. When he came to us, he had ear wounds from a bad home-crop job, ear infections, skin problems, patchy hair, and underweight.  Meatloaf (aka Meaty, Meat Monster, Mystery Meat, Beefsquatch), has lots of extra wrinkly skin, kitty cat ears, and common genetic issues due to irresponsible breeding practices, including entropion, breathing issues, and skin sensitivity. We have most of his conditions under control, but no matter what, he’s a smelly little guy with dandruff who’s usually followed by a group of flies.

This is Meaty’s second time attending the contest, and even though he might not be the absolute ugliest, he might be the smelliest. His main goal at the World’s Ugliest Dog competition is to bring awareness to responsible breeding practices, and get all the love and attention he can. Meatloaf is heat and exercise intolerant, so, like pet, like owner!

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