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Rascal Deux:
I’m Rascal Deux, a rescued naturally hairless mutant, crazy critter, with Einstein hair, crooked face, 2 different colored eyes, loose tongue and born without many teeth. Some call me Bat Dog, Space Alien or a Chupacabra. I’ve won 8 other Ugliest Dog contests so far and current Champion of 2 different Championships that NO other living dog has done. I’m “Ugly Dog Royalty” being the 5th generation to carry on the “Ugly Dog Dynasty” after Dad, Original Rascal who won Worlds Ugliest Dog in 2002 and 17 other World record first places. Rescued Great Grandfather, Chi Chi is in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for winning 7 World Titles at Petaluma, and my adopted Great Grandmother, Lady Pink and Grandmother, Mai Tai winning 3 world titles each. My Master, Actor & TV Personality, Dane Andrew of Sunnyvale, Ca. is breaking his own World Record with his 43rd year in world competition. We were on “America’s Got Talent”, Have a new music video “You Bring Me Luck” by singer, Athena, Cast in the star studded upcoming Animal Fundraiser film, “The Adventures of Skanky Doo”, have a cartoon strip and documentary both named “The Ugliest Dog”, and even was on the cover of LIVE Magazine with Paris Hilton Holding me. I use my ugly notoriety for good with fundraisers, school appearances and soon my patented trademark hot dog leash to raise monies for animal charities. I tell the world to spay/neuter, adopt and support your local shelter. Please vote for me since I will donate ALL winnings to charity. WOOF!!!

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