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Rooby Roux: (song~ Blinded by the Light, By: Manfred Mann)

I’m Rooby Roux and I am the proud owner of two humans from the mountains of NE Oregon. I’m a doxie-chicre mix and about 12 years old. My humans fostered me when my real Human had to be put in a nursing home. My new humans took me to visit my real Human several times. When she died, my new Humans let me adopt them. They are very good servants. Since I’m completely blind, they are my seeing eye humans. They feed me real, good and take me lots of places. What they don’t feed me, I wait until they are gone, and then I dig through the trash to find it. They are sometimes diabolical geniuses and hide it well. I shall overcome though. My nose has mad ninja skills. I will find the foods. Despite their food hiding prowessness, I love my humans very much and intend to spend the rest of my life ordering them around. I’ve been in the contest 3 times, once winning the Spirit Award (that was when they handed it out as sort of a “hard luck” trophy!) If you see me at the contest, let me smell your hand so I will know you aren’t one of my own personal peoples. I will love you SO much! Meeting new people is my favorite thing, besides eating trash.

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