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Miss Moogie: (Song~ Star Trek Original Theme Song)

My name is Moogie and I am the cutest little ugly Chinese Crested you Ever. Will. See! Right now, I live in the mountains of NE Oregon with my new family. I was found wondering a super busy intersection and a very wonderful dog groomer saved me from being run over. I stayed with her and her family until I was fostered. The rescue agency who helped me find a forever home thinks I was dumped because no one ever came forward to claim me. I have been adopted by some people I am very very happy with. I already love them so much! My new daddy calls me Moo Goo Gai Pan because I have a Fu Manchoo. But my Real name, Moogie is from Star Trek Deep Space Nine. The Ferengi have very large lobes (ears) just like me! They call their mama Moogie. Only they say it very deeply and draw it out like, “MooooooooooGEE”. I love it when my people say my name that way! I love to dance too! Dancing is so fun and BONUS… it helps me get ANYTHING I want, cause I’ve that cute! My only regret is that Rooby Roux ate all my snacks. My head is smaller than a Pink Lady Apple and I weigh only 4.6 pounds! I don’t know how old I am, but my new mommy hopes I’m only like 1 or 2, because she wants me to be around for a very long time. I do not think I am only one or two because that’s how many teeth I have!

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